Wednesday, July 2, 2008

{over cast ideation}



I find myself at my most reflective and 'thought-provoked' state when hanging out my window is a day blanketed with clouds that threaten, and eventually begin, to spurt raindrops. Soon I find myself wanting to eat chocolate, drink gallons of coffee, read books, and stare at flickering candles . This is also when my pen (or keyboard) seem to be the most productive and useful. Giddiness overtakes me when sitting next to tall windows that let in a cool breeze. Then the relaxing drizzle can begin to work its magic and flow through my thoughts. This is when ideation begins.

Why such a fascination with drippy days? Some of my favorite photographs were shot on overcast days. Textures become more defined. Tones are even. And it couldn't be more delightful to shoot in. Most ideas for the next photo project are concieved in the hazy atmosphere.

I find these days perfectly charming, enchanting, and invigorating.


My hope for this blog is merely to be a creative outlet to practice what I love to do and to take advantage of those beclouded days that come my way. Thank you to my husband who encouraged me to do so.


{photo of my husband, Matt}