Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Nearly 11 months later...an update.

Well, hello, blog! It's been awhile.

Life took me on the fast track, and here I am utterly shocked at how twists and turns can land you exactly....here. The last eight months have me in awe. Where have I been?

Well, in December Matt and I started praying about a move to the Midwest. So, come Christmas time we made a drive to Fargo, ND. We were told that it warmed up just for us. It was 9 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, after driving back to New York (with a detour to Texas and North Carolina), we prayed and prayed and felt God leading us to come to Fargo. January contained the news of a baby on the way. We were pregnant! February came with another visit to MN/ND and a house hunt begins. The snow was higher than our car in most places, making it difficult to get an idea of what Fargo was like.

June came and we packed up the truck and headed West. Twenty two hours later (all in one day) we drove to our destination with blood shot eyes, sore rears, and complete exahuastion. Soon we found ourselves nestled into our first house. Maxwell, a fluffy feline, found his way into our home and into our growing family.

Since then I've been 'nesting'; getting ready for baby. I've painted furniture, the living room, the dining room, the kitchen, the bathroom, two hallways, and am now looking at a few more painting projects before baby Kinnick comes. Garage sales, trips to see family, work trips, and many visitors later, I find that it's August and the school year has begun.

So here I am in my pajamas at 9:24 am (because I stayed up until midnight finishing the kitchen wall & dining room walls) attempting a beginning back into blogging. That is, until baby girl joins us. I imagine I'll be too pooped to...blog.

Later I'll post pictures of the transformations in our home & of my belly!

Until next time,

Lindsay Kate

December: Fargo, ND
Babbs Coffee Shop
Praying over a move to Fargo!
February: The house we now call 'home'. And a bit of snow.
July: the belly & I painting the kitchen
August: Maxwell the First. My boy.