Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pik A Pie.

There is a sad story in Fargo. The pumpkins have gone missing. At least in the canning industry. Two years of a bad pumpkin crops leaves these winter surviving Fargonians depressed and pumpkin-pie-less for Thanksgiving. Thankfully, our CSA farm grew them & put them in our boxes this week.

As a wee babe is making her way into this family (hopefully SOON), I know time to bake pumpkins for pie will be hard to find. This Saturday I cut them up, cleaned them out, and roasted/baked both the pumpkins and their seeds. I've yet to remove the pumpkin peel and turn them into pies (I need to puree the pumpkin & spice it up, and then bake 'em up!) But, here's the process so far.

Pik-a-pie pumpkins.

Cleaned out, cut up, and roasted and ready to go (I added water to the bottom of the pan)
The pumpkin guts (for lack of a better term)

Gleaning the seeds from the muck.

Cleaned & ready to season (olive oil & sea salt to be simple)

Post-roasting. My husband had already discovered these by the time I shot a photo...
{Thank you, Mom and thank you, Dahlia for your help in learning this process!}

Never Leave Catnip Unattended.

A few nights ago the hubby and I decided to get some take n' bake pizza and a movie. We say goodbye to the sweet kitty as he purrs contentedly and run out to the car. It's drizzling in a most satisfying way outside. On the way to get our goods vibrant techno music plays as we discuss sweet nothings. Soon, we have a movie in hand and a double layer pepperoni pizza sitting on my lap. We pull into the drive, unlock the back door, walk in to the kitchen, turn on the oven, and get the plates & coke out.  All the while chatting and laughing...having a ball. Dimly in the background we hear an exaggerated 'meow' repeating itself like a stuck record player. Little did we know that a strangely hyper kitty had also had a ball while we were out. Matt walked into the dining room. From the other room I hear, "Wha?! What happened?!"

I peek my head out of the kitchen. My husband stood in a sea of catnip as the cat leaped and bounded all around the living room, "meow! MEow! meOW!" Someone found the ziplock I left out with the extra catnip (aka cracknip) in it. His pupils enlarged and his tail crooked, he gaped up at us. Play with me?!?! There was no hiding his activities while we were gone.  
Empty ziplock.

The damage.

Kitty revved up on catnip (notice his pupils...)

Thursday, September 23, 2010


There's something about waiting that is completely good for the soul...and completely miserable (at times). I find that in this particular time in my life, I'm waiting for a lot of things. I'm waiting for baby to come. I'm waiting to crunch leaves under my booted feet. I'm waiting for my life's ambition to appear, shake my shoulders, and say "hey! I'm it! This is your goal!" Sometimes I want to scrap the slowly ticking time and burst into it so I can see how it all turns out.

Yet, there is gain in waiting. There's a reason dessert is saved for last.  Like the prince in shining armor who battles evils and challenges beyond imagining, there is a sweet kiss waiting for his chiseled cheeks. But only after he fights off the dragon (or evil step mother). His strength and character is put to the test---and grown through it. He may even have the anticipation and anxiety of finally running into the dragon. Or dreadful woman. But there is a hope yet beyond them.

Thankfully, there are no dragons on my block. Nor evil stepmothers. Merely a quiet, steady, and constant drum before me. And occasionally anxieties and problems that sneak their way into this house. For the days when it seems I can't wait anymore, or when a discouragement floods over me, may I ever turn my eyes to the one who has anticipated far more than I can ever have imagined. Christ had a most agonizing pain (physical, spiritual, and definitely emotional) waiting for Him at a hill of shame and guilt for criminals (of which He was not--He knew no sin). Yet, the hope of bringing new life for all was also ever before Him. It was for the joy set before Him. And it is that same hope He has given those who receive Him, who believe in His name.

 "I am still confident of this: 

       I will see the goodness of the LORD 

       in the land of the living.

 Wait for the LORD; 

       be strong and take heart 

       and wait for the LORD."

                  -Psalm 27:13-14

So while I drum my fingers and wait, I'll seek to take heart, be strong, and wait for the Lord. And enjoy the process while I'm able; and when I'm not, to look to the one who endured it all for all our sake. 

While we're at it, look what's finally begun to show its face....
Fall! And adorably warty gourds. If I were a gourd, this is what I'd hope to look like.

A lovely rainy day--these I truly cherish. Maxwell the first is something that was sweet at the end of a most anticipated wait. And so are those pumpkins outside. Now to anticipate pumpkin pie!

I couldn't resist...

I just had to post this. It was posted on a friends facebook page. It's a must see.
Check it out, it just might make your day: VIDEO

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Idealistic Dreaming & Impulsive Moments in the Kinnick household.

Today I found myself pouring over some of my favorite blogs. The result? I rushed out (well, I wobbled out) of the room in a rampage. "Watch out Matt, I'm on mission!" I huffed, after climbing the stairs. Stay outta my way, mister. Needless to say, I searched our entire house for any fabrics that I could cut up and use. Sadly, I came up with....Matt's old jeans. So, for a practice run, I made a jean rosette. As I sewed I found myself dreaming of what else I could make. If I can make a rosette, I can sew a dress for the wee lass! Or crochet (after I learn how) an adorable hat adorning the vintage flower I make...and why not fix up some of my old dresses? Revamp!

And here is where I have decided to create a whole wardrobe for Wee Kinnick and myself.

But, what I have right now is a jean rosette. And no fabric. This girl can be quite impulsive. For example, at this moment all I want to do is spend all hours of this night whirring away on my sewing machine (though, the last thing I made from scratch was a doll when I was...10 years old? 8?) Thankfully, my husband is understanding. He laughed. And he's taking it with a grain of salt.

So, for now I'll come up with the ideas and ponder what I can realistically make (a bed spread?) Until I become the seamstress I think I want to be, check out what inspired me:

Isn't this little outfit darling?
Check out her blog @
You can find her on Etsy & even Facebook!
Haven't you always wanted to wear a tutu like this when you were little (I still do...)?
DearLillie again. 
And these sweet shoes, aren't they delectable? 
You can check out more @
Find her on Etsy & Facebook, as well!

When tired of making clothes for your kids, why not make a shirt for yourself?
The wonderful JoyFolie at it again....not to mention she has great music on her site. You've got to go there.

So here I sign off completely inspired and absolutely empty handed of any resources needed. And so it goes... (at least I have my jean rosette)

love, hugs, and sewing machines,

Lindsay Kate

PS. Could this be more of that 'nesting instinct' as its called for us preggo gals?

Another PS. Here's the attempt at a rosette, and a potential use!

the practice rosette; possibility--> pin to little outfits such as this one!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Friendly Fall days: a recovery for Friday.

Friday came with the same attitude of the storm that settled over Fargo. It consumed me and down-poured all day. Though, the rain may not have poured all day, the to-do list and nesting instinct collaborated to create a blustery day inside this girls life. If you only knew what things I checked off my list yesterday, you would be amazed as I remain to be. Let's say for a day I became wonder woman. Once my head hit the pillow, I became the epitome of ragged and worn with persistent heart burn, a nagging head ache and cramping calves. So, maybe not wonder womanesque. 

This morning cheerily came at 8:20am. And boy did it seem much friendlier after such a storm of a day. What I found was a the welcoming arms of autumn on its way to visit. I find myself wishing it would plan a long stay. Knowing it will be brief, I am completely prepared to enjoy it as fully as I can. Even 9 months pregnant. 

Here are some things I've enjoyed with the coming of Autumn:
A perfectly black cat on the fence--and is that a hint of leaves changing color?
Curlies on a pumpkin, The way it should be.

Freshly baked apple pie= the delight of fall. 
Windows open, the husbands feet kicked up, and a wonderfully quiet morning. 

And so this is where the week perks up. Now I plan to concentrate on drinking in every ounce of fall as I wait for our little bundle of joy to introduce herself to our world--a newcomer we most eagerly anticipate.

Off to join my meowing kitty in the breezy fall kisses of wind.


A box of goodies.

Alas, the suspense ends here. These are some of the things we found in our package (yes, the day I ruined the delivery guys morning).

have you ever seen such a fun finger?

I can't wait to put little feet in these!

the cutest rattle in the world.  

blackberry, plum, and grape preserves. Toast with your jam, anyone?

Thank you, Joe & Susanna for the delightful gifts!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Preggo cat lady strikes again.

This morning began slow and easy. 7:00am came just as the light began to shine in our window. The hubby got up, started the coffee, and then came and retrieved me out of the messy, cozy, and perfectly inviting bed. I came downstairs slowly (now waddling as my baby bump has grown to a massive proportions), and made him eggs and toast. A treat in this house. We sat, drank coffee, juice, bit into our pleasantly ripened nectarines as juice dribbled down our faces, and watched our cuddly kitty stare out the window at busy squirrels carrying corn cobs double their own size. Matt then read Harry Potter to me (nothing gets better on cool fall day). We sat and stared for awhile. Then we went on our separate ways for the day.

9:30am came with a phone appointment. 10:15. I see the postman coming to our door with a big package. Forgetting my hair, breath, and general attire (all announcing I had just gotten out of bed--or at least never did anything about the dragon breath, raccoon eyes (from yesterdays make-up) and Einstein hair), I put the phone down and raced to the door grabbing the cat on my way (so he doesn't escape to the great outdoors). I greeted the man. For some odd reason, he quickly moved through the steps of handing over the package. I signed the pad, and as he turned quickly to leave, I attempted carrying the package in while balancing the cat on my big belly. He noticed the struggle and offered to bring the package in. I accepted. Holding the door open for him I watched him pick up the package. And here's where puss in boots decides to freak out.

I held on strong. Soon I lost count of how many punctures I was receiving. The tiny claws worked themselves down my legs, and I lost my grip on him. Leaning over to catch him (though, to my surprise he ran INSIDE the house), I bumped the delivery guys butt with my greasy head. Coming up for air, he was jumping back with his arms raised up. And, with a mumbled "sorry" I watched him race back to his truck. "Uh...have a nice day!" I called. He half glanced back. "I sure made it interesting!" I added. He gave an almost-amused laugh and hopped into the truck and roared down the street. Befuddled, I went back in and picked up the phone to continue my conversation. I had a hard time focusing.

*sigh*. I wonder how many neighbors saw? And how many of his co-workers will hear about the crazy pregnant lady and her cat in South Fargo?
Maxwell as he sleeps. A perfect angel Look at those innocent pink paws. *huff*.
The surprise package! Contents to be revealed at another time.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

the itch.

Good gracious. I cannot see my toes. There's a jabbing pain in my rib from a teeny yet persistent pressure. My stomach and bladder are constantly ebbing me to do something (go to the loo, or eat some food). My hips and such are sore like I've run a marathon.

What's the deal? Baby Kinnick on her way.
8 months along

And have I got the nesting itch. The last couple of months in our new home has been evidence of this fact. I mentioned in my earlier post that I had painted...a lot. Here's a list, just for my own satisfaction of seeing it all.
Furniture: baby crib, dresser, two bookshelves, mirror, & two wall shelves.
Rooms: Kitchen & trim, bathroom & trim, dining room & trim (my Mom wallpapered and I painted it) (with the help of my Mother in law), baby room & trim (thanks to my Mom), downstairs hallway, upstairs hallway (along stairs), entryway, Matt's office.
Miscellaneous: painted a sort-of-triptic for the baby room, made four curtains from scratch, hemmed 8 (Ikea iron & hem), a baby mobile, & two headbands for baby
Needless to say, summer has flown!
baby mobile: baby's view from crib
flower = baby headband

Living room into dining room.

Dining room into kitchen

Dining room: wallpapered & painted
Bathroom: from greens to grey & white

Entry: still in progress! Thanks to! I love the idea.
Living room: new wall color & my hemmed curtains