Saturday, September 11, 2010

Friendly Fall days: a recovery for Friday.

Friday came with the same attitude of the storm that settled over Fargo. It consumed me and down-poured all day. Though, the rain may not have poured all day, the to-do list and nesting instinct collaborated to create a blustery day inside this girls life. If you only knew what things I checked off my list yesterday, you would be amazed as I remain to be. Let's say for a day I became wonder woman. Once my head hit the pillow, I became the epitome of ragged and worn with persistent heart burn, a nagging head ache and cramping calves. So, maybe not wonder womanesque. 

This morning cheerily came at 8:20am. And boy did it seem much friendlier after such a storm of a day. What I found was a the welcoming arms of autumn on its way to visit. I find myself wishing it would plan a long stay. Knowing it will be brief, I am completely prepared to enjoy it as fully as I can. Even 9 months pregnant. 

Here are some things I've enjoyed with the coming of Autumn:
A perfectly black cat on the fence--and is that a hint of leaves changing color?
Curlies on a pumpkin, The way it should be.

Freshly baked apple pie= the delight of fall. 
Windows open, the husbands feet kicked up, and a wonderfully quiet morning. 

And so this is where the week perks up. Now I plan to concentrate on drinking in every ounce of fall as I wait for our little bundle of joy to introduce herself to our world--a newcomer we most eagerly anticipate.

Off to join my meowing kitty in the breezy fall kisses of wind.


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