Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pik A Pie.

There is a sad story in Fargo. The pumpkins have gone missing. At least in the canning industry. Two years of a bad pumpkin crops leaves these winter surviving Fargonians depressed and pumpkin-pie-less for Thanksgiving. Thankfully, our CSA farm grew them & put them in our boxes this week.

As a wee babe is making her way into this family (hopefully SOON), I know time to bake pumpkins for pie will be hard to find. This Saturday I cut them up, cleaned them out, and roasted/baked both the pumpkins and their seeds. I've yet to remove the pumpkin peel and turn them into pies (I need to puree the pumpkin & spice it up, and then bake 'em up!) But, here's the process so far.

Pik-a-pie pumpkins.

Cleaned out, cut up, and roasted and ready to go (I added water to the bottom of the pan)
The pumpkin guts (for lack of a better term)

Gleaning the seeds from the muck.

Cleaned & ready to season (olive oil & sea salt to be simple)

Post-roasting. My husband had already discovered these by the time I shot a photo...
{Thank you, Mom and thank you, Dahlia for your help in learning this process!}

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Nicole Jennings said...

That looks like quite the process for pumpkin pie. But! I am sure that it will be totally worth it! I only wish I could hop on over and enjoy a slice with you :)