Tuesday, September 7, 2010

the itch.

Good gracious. I cannot see my toes. There's a jabbing pain in my rib from a teeny yet persistent pressure. My stomach and bladder are constantly ebbing me to do something (go to the loo, or eat some food). My hips and such are sore like I've run a marathon.

What's the deal? Baby Kinnick on her way.
8 months along

And have I got the nesting itch. The last couple of months in our new home has been evidence of this fact. I mentioned in my earlier post that I had painted...a lot. Here's a list, just for my own satisfaction of seeing it all.
Furniture: baby crib, dresser, two bookshelves, mirror, & two wall shelves.
Rooms: Kitchen & trim, bathroom & trim, dining room & trim (my Mom wallpapered and I painted it) (with the help of my Mother in law), baby room & trim (thanks to my Mom), downstairs hallway, upstairs hallway (along stairs), entryway, Matt's office.
Miscellaneous: painted a sort-of-triptic for the baby room, made four curtains from scratch, hemmed 8 (Ikea iron & hem), a baby mobile, & two headbands for baby
Needless to say, summer has flown!
baby mobile: baby's view from crib
flower = baby headband

Living room into dining room.

Dining room into kitchen

Dining room: wallpapered & painted
Bathroom: from greens to grey & white

Entry: still in progress! Thanks to Jonesdesigncompany.com! I love the idea.
Living room: new wall color & my hemmed curtains

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Nicole Jennings said...

oooohhhh...I love the stencil work, Lindsay. Your house looks so beautiful. I can't wait to see it in person!