Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Preggo cat lady strikes again.

This morning began slow and easy. 7:00am came just as the light began to shine in our window. The hubby got up, started the coffee, and then came and retrieved me out of the messy, cozy, and perfectly inviting bed. I came downstairs slowly (now waddling as my baby bump has grown to a massive proportions), and made him eggs and toast. A treat in this house. We sat, drank coffee, juice, bit into our pleasantly ripened nectarines as juice dribbled down our faces, and watched our cuddly kitty stare out the window at busy squirrels carrying corn cobs double their own size. Matt then read Harry Potter to me (nothing gets better on cool fall day). We sat and stared for awhile. Then we went on our separate ways for the day.

9:30am came with a phone appointment. 10:15. I see the postman coming to our door with a big package. Forgetting my hair, breath, and general attire (all announcing I had just gotten out of bed--or at least never did anything about the dragon breath, raccoon eyes (from yesterdays make-up) and Einstein hair), I put the phone down and raced to the door grabbing the cat on my way (so he doesn't escape to the great outdoors). I greeted the man. For some odd reason, he quickly moved through the steps of handing over the package. I signed the pad, and as he turned quickly to leave, I attempted carrying the package in while balancing the cat on my big belly. He noticed the struggle and offered to bring the package in. I accepted. Holding the door open for him I watched him pick up the package. And here's where puss in boots decides to freak out.

I held on strong. Soon I lost count of how many punctures I was receiving. The tiny claws worked themselves down my legs, and I lost my grip on him. Leaning over to catch him (though, to my surprise he ran INSIDE the house), I bumped the delivery guys butt with my greasy head. Coming up for air, he was jumping back with his arms raised up. And, with a mumbled "sorry" I watched him race back to his truck. "Uh...have a nice day!" I called. He half glanced back. "I sure made it interesting!" I added. He gave an almost-amused laugh and hopped into the truck and roared down the street. Befuddled, I went back in and picked up the phone to continue my conversation. I had a hard time focusing.

*sigh*. I wonder how many neighbors saw? And how many of his co-workers will hear about the crazy pregnant lady and her cat in South Fargo?
Maxwell as he sleeps. A perfect angel Look at those innocent pink paws. *huff*.
The surprise package! Contents to be revealed at another time.


Anonymous said...

I have tears filling my eyes and I can't stop the laughter...oh my what a story!

{LKK} said...

Ha, thanks, S. :) i sure hope the delivery guy is doing the same as he remembers his day...