Thursday, September 23, 2010


There's something about waiting that is completely good for the soul...and completely miserable (at times). I find that in this particular time in my life, I'm waiting for a lot of things. I'm waiting for baby to come. I'm waiting to crunch leaves under my booted feet. I'm waiting for my life's ambition to appear, shake my shoulders, and say "hey! I'm it! This is your goal!" Sometimes I want to scrap the slowly ticking time and burst into it so I can see how it all turns out.

Yet, there is gain in waiting. There's a reason dessert is saved for last.  Like the prince in shining armor who battles evils and challenges beyond imagining, there is a sweet kiss waiting for his chiseled cheeks. But only after he fights off the dragon (or evil step mother). His strength and character is put to the test---and grown through it. He may even have the anticipation and anxiety of finally running into the dragon. Or dreadful woman. But there is a hope yet beyond them.

Thankfully, there are no dragons on my block. Nor evil stepmothers. Merely a quiet, steady, and constant drum before me. And occasionally anxieties and problems that sneak their way into this house. For the days when it seems I can't wait anymore, or when a discouragement floods over me, may I ever turn my eyes to the one who has anticipated far more than I can ever have imagined. Christ had a most agonizing pain (physical, spiritual, and definitely emotional) waiting for Him at a hill of shame and guilt for criminals (of which He was not--He knew no sin). Yet, the hope of bringing new life for all was also ever before Him. It was for the joy set before Him. And it is that same hope He has given those who receive Him, who believe in His name.

 "I am still confident of this: 

       I will see the goodness of the LORD 

       in the land of the living.

 Wait for the LORD; 

       be strong and take heart 

       and wait for the LORD."

                  -Psalm 27:13-14

So while I drum my fingers and wait, I'll seek to take heart, be strong, and wait for the Lord. And enjoy the process while I'm able; and when I'm not, to look to the one who endured it all for all our sake. 

While we're at it, look what's finally begun to show its face....
Fall! And adorably warty gourds. If I were a gourd, this is what I'd hope to look like.

A lovely rainy day--these I truly cherish. Maxwell the first is something that was sweet at the end of a most anticipated wait. And so are those pumpkins outside. Now to anticipate pumpkin pie!


Erika said...

Waiting IS so hard but I am intrigued by waiting because it is then that I learn and grow the most :) These are the very last days before you'll forever be "Mom" to someone :) :) I bet that once she's here, it will seem like it FLEW by! :)

jls said...

Thanks for this post, Lindsay. I really needed to read it today!