Sunday, September 26, 2010

Never Leave Catnip Unattended.

A few nights ago the hubby and I decided to get some take n' bake pizza and a movie. We say goodbye to the sweet kitty as he purrs contentedly and run out to the car. It's drizzling in a most satisfying way outside. On the way to get our goods vibrant techno music plays as we discuss sweet nothings. Soon, we have a movie in hand and a double layer pepperoni pizza sitting on my lap. We pull into the drive, unlock the back door, walk in to the kitchen, turn on the oven, and get the plates & coke out.  All the while chatting and laughing...having a ball. Dimly in the background we hear an exaggerated 'meow' repeating itself like a stuck record player. Little did we know that a strangely hyper kitty had also had a ball while we were out. Matt walked into the dining room. From the other room I hear, "Wha?! What happened?!"

I peek my head out of the kitchen. My husband stood in a sea of catnip as the cat leaped and bounded all around the living room, "meow! MEow! meOW!" Someone found the ziplock I left out with the extra catnip (aka cracknip) in it. His pupils enlarged and his tail crooked, he gaped up at us. Play with me?!?! There was no hiding his activities while we were gone.  
Empty ziplock.

The damage.

Kitty revved up on catnip (notice his pupils...)

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