Sunday, September 12, 2010

Idealistic Dreaming & Impulsive Moments in the Kinnick household.

Today I found myself pouring over some of my favorite blogs. The result? I rushed out (well, I wobbled out) of the room in a rampage. "Watch out Matt, I'm on mission!" I huffed, after climbing the stairs. Stay outta my way, mister. Needless to say, I searched our entire house for any fabrics that I could cut up and use. Sadly, I came up with....Matt's old jeans. So, for a practice run, I made a jean rosette. As I sewed I found myself dreaming of what else I could make. If I can make a rosette, I can sew a dress for the wee lass! Or crochet (after I learn how) an adorable hat adorning the vintage flower I make...and why not fix up some of my old dresses? Revamp!

And here is where I have decided to create a whole wardrobe for Wee Kinnick and myself.

But, what I have right now is a jean rosette. And no fabric. This girl can be quite impulsive. For example, at this moment all I want to do is spend all hours of this night whirring away on my sewing machine (though, the last thing I made from scratch was a doll when I was...10 years old? 8?) Thankfully, my husband is understanding. He laughed. And he's taking it with a grain of salt.

So, for now I'll come up with the ideas and ponder what I can realistically make (a bed spread?) Until I become the seamstress I think I want to be, check out what inspired me:

Isn't this little outfit darling?
Check out her blog @
You can find her on Etsy & even Facebook!
Haven't you always wanted to wear a tutu like this when you were little (I still do...)?
DearLillie again. 
And these sweet shoes, aren't they delectable? 
You can check out more @
Find her on Etsy & Facebook, as well!

When tired of making clothes for your kids, why not make a shirt for yourself?
The wonderful JoyFolie at it again....not to mention she has great music on her site. You've got to go there.

So here I sign off completely inspired and absolutely empty handed of any resources needed. And so it goes... (at least I have my jean rosette)

love, hugs, and sewing machines,

Lindsay Kate

PS. Could this be more of that 'nesting instinct' as its called for us preggo gals?

Another PS. Here's the attempt at a rosette, and a potential use!

the practice rosette; possibility--> pin to little outfits such as this one!


Nicole Jennings said...

Well, I have too much random fabric floating around. Although, it's not all that pretty!
I'm glad you've been keeping busy making jean rosettes!

Erika said...

I am also inspired to sew my son an entire wardrobe but so far I only have a pattern for shirts and shorts and one piece of fabric that is "boyish" :) It's fun though! Have fun embellishing and making clothes for Baby Kinnick!! :)

{LKK} said...

Wonderful! you're SO much further than I am, Erika. I'll have to learn from you!