Wednesday, October 29, 2008

{Movement, texture, reflection, and light}: couldn't get more delicious. The following photographs are shot around my home and (new) hometown (Ithaca, NY).

At the farmers Market with E. and L.

A candlestick labre M. and I found at an estate sale.

From Aunt G. and daughters. Thank you.

Self portrait in our estate sale goblets/candlesticks.

Eye candy on a bookshelf.

I can't say that I've been on top of creativity lately...thus the lack in blogging! ALTHOUGH, I've discovered the 'art' of cooking and baking. Now, that's fun. Not only am I exercising my 'creative outflow', but my husband gets to enjoy the outcome...and I'm becoming a little wifey.

Either way, I'm excited about these photos as each contain an aspect about photography that I love. Movement, texture, light, and reflection. Mmm...almost as yummy as my new found recipes (ever try pumpkin sausage and pasta? YES. You want it.)

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